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Team Building

Horses will Empower your team with the Gifts of Communication:  It is an unforgettable day of self-discovery and healing. 


Party of 8

Birthday Party includes: EAL Lesson, Safety, Grooming, Smore Kit, Arts & Crafts.  You may bring your own food and cake.

$300/2 Hours

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Youth Empowerment

 Building Block Program developing life skills with Indigenous Education.  Includes a certificate and graduation.

13 Sessions



Day Camps

We host youth day camps with EAL, Crafts, Indigenous Education, Learn to Ride, Games, and Obstacle Challenges.

Meet our a few of our Teachers

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Why Horses?

Horses are sacred medicine to the spirit. Horses are ideal teachers for helping people build strong skills.

Horses are our teachers and healers helping us reconnect to what has heart and meaning in our lives, assisting us in re-aligning mind, body and spirit so that we can walk into our future with courage, grace and integrity. Trust, empathy, honesty, humility, integrity, congruency, are all qualities we can learn with horses as our teachers.


Custom design programs

We custom design programs at DH Ranch to meet your goals and needs.  Please contact Sonya Dodginghorse at 639-205-7742 or email

Download the Awakening the Spirit Program.

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