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"Trust in your journey"

DH Ranch envisions a future where culture, language, truth, and reconciliation, healing, and relationships are central to our community's values and practices. We believe that by working together, we can create a just and equitable society that values diversity and promotes the well-being of all individuals.

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Enlightening Our Spirit with:

Stephanie Eagletail

Alycia Two Bears

Kendra Taypotat

DH Ranch

June 25-27, 2024


Team Building

This special day combines Spirit of the Horse activities, Indigenous and Diversity awareness education, and cultural experiences to foster a deeper understanding of truth and reconciliation. 


Youth Empowerment

Youth Empowerment

The program will take place over 23 sessions that include horse assisted learning, land-based activities, horsemanship, cultural practices, educational opportunities, and sharing circles.  We will be working with the Schools in the Fall/Winter.

RATES $100Per Horse $35HR per staff member (3) (1).png

Birthday Party


$100/Per Horse (3 Horses)

$35/HR per staff member (3)

$150/Facility Rental

2 Hours Includes: Horse Safety, Horsemanship, Drills, and Obstacles.  with Indigenous Education.


We do have picnic areas for food and birthday cake for.


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